Oops! Hate when that happens!

Oops!  Hate when that happens!

Has this ever happened to you?

You want a quick open cast on … you grab a swatch, hang it on the needles and knit a row of ravel cord.

After knitting a few rows, you realize that something is wrong …


Looking closely, you can see that I put the strands of the swatch over 2 needles incorrectly.

Lesson Learned:

  1. Don’t be in such a hurry … use a different cast on
  2. Get up and retrieve a “proper” cast on rag
  3. Back away from the machine and go take a walk!

Haven’t tried a cast on rag?

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Repeat after me … insert your punchcard like this …..

Repeat after me … insert your punchcard like this …..

I have to admit, I don’t use punchcards much … OK – that’s my excuse for today’s boo-boo.

Can you see how the punchcard jammed as I was knitting? Not only did I put it in upside down (notice the numbers on the left), but I didn’t pay attention to how the card join was lapped.  Arghhh!!!!!


Pay attention! Jammed punchcard



Lesson learned:  After inserting your punchcard, be sure to overlap it so it will cleanly rotate through the punchcard drum.



Overlapped correctly

Dress up your Waterfall Vest or Duster

Dress up your Waterfall Vest or Duster

Our most popular patterns, the Waterfall Vest and  Niagara Duster offer so many opportunities for creativity.  The lower section of both patterns is knit sideways. The yoke is then picked up and knit to the neck.

Here are 3 suggestions for decorative additions to the back seam.

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 E-wrap between the layers



 Add eyelets



 Decorative Hem

OKnitMe – Online Punchcard Creator

OKnitMe – Online Punchcard Creator

Here is an open source program that creates simple punchcard designs from your images.


You can upload a 2 color image and it translates your drawing to punchcard format.

The project creates a file that is designed to be used with laser printers. (The output is in SVG – scalable vector graphic format).  But it can also be used to manually create punchcards.

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